TimeToSave Pty Ltd Case Study

TimeToSave Pty Ltd Case Study

Sector: Energy

Website: https://www.timetosave.com.au/

Services Offered:

1. Website Revamp
2. Digital Strategy
3. Content Creation
4. SEO
5. Creatives

The Requirement:

TimeToSave required us to create a digital strategy which revolved around growing online visibility of their brand and generating warm leads for their business. We presented their services through a reworked mobile-responsive website, meaningful content, and eye-catching creatives.

The Solution:

We designed a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign aimed at the target audience through relevant content addressing common pain points to start conversation with appropriate call-to-actions compelling prospective customer to fill in enquiry form.

The Result:

TimeToSave reached organic traffic of over 62K in less than 12 months, while successfully scaling customer acquisition cost. The campaign achieved an incredible 88% of new users, of which over 95% were acquired organically.

The Numbers:

  • Pageviews (12 months): 62,000
  • Increment in pageviews (12 months): 205%
  • Average form signups per day: 9
  • Increment in form signups: 76%