Keto for India Case Study

Keto for India Case Study

Sector: Health and fitness


Services Offered:

1. Digital Marketing Strategy
2. Content Creation
3. SEO
4. Google Ads (CPC)
5. Social Media Marketing (Facebook)

The Requirement:

The client wanted to promote herself as a brand and Keto coach. We devised a marketing strategy which revolved around giving a complete makeover to her existing online presence, promoting her weight loss journey, building trust amongst audience, and motivating readers to join her Keto Diet Program.

The Solution:

We designed and launched a marketing campaign aimed at the target audience through informative content and visuals that helped educate people about Keto diet. We addressed common pain points to start conversation with appropriate call-to-actions compelling people searching online for weight loss to enrol for her weight loss/diet program.

The Result: monthly traffic quickly jumped from 9,000 page views per month to 77,000 page views per month. As for Facebook campaign, the number of page likes are a little over 15,000. Signups through enquiry form have increased by about 83%.


The Numbers:

  • Page views (in last 12 months): 363,000
  • Facebook page likes: 15,000
  • Increase in form signups: 63%